You can check for data mobile coverage in your area via the Ofcom mobile availability page. The link below takes you to the Ofcom site where you can enter your post code and confirm your address. A tick is displayed against the operator that provides data coverage in your area.

You can select between indoor and outdoor.

By clicking 'View map of available services' and selecting an operator. a coverage map is displayed with expected strength of signal for that operator. Note that this coverage is only a guide and Ofcom and the operators do not guarantee the signal at your precise location as many variables can affect the signal at this level. Once you have found a good coverage by a mobile operator, we recommend that you also look at the mobile operator's own coverage chart (links below) to get a better idea of coverage as Ofcom can be optimistic.

If you do have indication of good coverage, then you can order a service in confidence (if possible do check the signal received on a mobile phone using the same operator). If the service appears poor or you seem outside the coverage, then we may still be able to provide you with some service. Contact us to discuss and we can advise further.

Alternatively, if you wish to check 5G coverage, you can go direct to the coverage page for the provider via the links below.


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