We have extensive experience providing critical communications to the Blue Light Sector.

Working with coachbuilder W. H. Bence we are able to support your requirements for vehicles too where we provide the Broadband service. We have supplied several satellite and 4G services to command vehicles.

We can provide a 4G primary link with a satellite backup to ensure that you have Internet access wherever you are. We can provide multi-network SIMs so that you are not limited to a single mobile network. We can provide pooled or aggregate 4G data where you have several vehicles – thus you are able to just pay for the total GBytes you need rather than an fixed amount per vehicle avoiding high excess data usage charges.

While we principally work with W. H. Bence we can work with any coachbuilder to install and maintain the communications on your vehicle.

We can respond to tenders for Communications only or for vehicle and communications as required. Please send tender notices to info@relialink.co.uk.


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