Whether you need to provide broadband at a festival or at a major event where there is no other means for connecting to the Internet, we can provide you with a solution. This can be via 4G or via satellite.

4G may get too congested, however, we can provide special 4G services that avoid the bandwidth that the people at the event use on their phones, so you get guaranteed service.

We can provide equipment mounted on vehicles for 4G or Satellite where required.With the new low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites available today we can provide high speed connections with low latency for large events.

We can implement wireless distribution across your site too.

We can provide service for broadcasting an event. This may be for a TV/radio broadcast or for access via the Internet. To avoid 4G congestion, this is often supported via a satellite link using dedicated bandwidth capacity, however, we have access to special 4G services that avoid the congestion.. We can provide 5G where this is available for high speed connectivity.

Whatever your requirement, speak to us and we will provide a solution for your needs.


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