Business Broadband - ReliaLink

We understand that businesses need reliable broadband and excellent support. Whether you are based inside a city, small town, village or in a rural area, we can fully support your broadband needs. If you have multiple sites or have mobile staff, we can provide an integrated solution to connact everyone in the business - including if some are based overseas.

Below we provide some examples of what we can do, however, this is not exhaustive and every business will have their own specific requirements. Contact us to let us know exactly what you require and we will look at how best to meet these requirements that fully provides the value you need..

High Reliability Requirements

There is no such thing as 100% reliability, but that does not mean you cannot get very close. You may have a leased/fibre line that goes down occasionally costing your business money. Purchasing a second leased or fibre line may not increase reliability as the lines usually go to the same Internet point-of-presence (POP), thus both lines can go down simultaneously. You can install a mobile broadband system (5G if available) or put up a satellite terminal to provide a back-up to your leased/fibre line. Most mobile broadband LTE links use a different POP, so is more likely to stay connected when the leased line goes down. However, this mobile broadband link is likely to use the same regional backbone Internet pipe. A regional disaster may affect both the leased line and mobile links. Satellite is geographically separate from the regional Internet infrastructure, therefore provides a back up beyond your region increasing reliability.

We can provide all three types of connectivity - leased/fibre link, mobile link and satellite - that virtually reaches that 100% reliability limit your critical communications may require. Contact us to discuss further.

Connecting Mobile Staff

You may have several offices or people who travel (including internetionally) and all need to connect to your data servers via Internet access. We can provide Private APNs on our 4G services that is effectively a private network for your offices and staff without requiring expensive fixed Public IPs (though we can supply these too). This will allow you to use VPNs using your own private IP addresses and allow you to route Internet access to go through your centrally controlled security and content policies. Using multi-network eSIMs we can allow each office and mobile staff member to use the best mobile service in the area so that they get the best speeds available and a reliable connection. Besides routers for offices we can provide vehicle routers and dongles or SIMs for tablets or PDAs. If you have international offices and travellers requiring service where thether they are, we can provide appropriate international services based on zones so that these offices and mobile travels remain within your network.

Once we understand your total data needs we can provide pooled data or aggregated data so that you allow sharing of the amount of data you pay at the highest efficeincy possible. We would work with you to determine total data usage needs so that individual sites/devices do not need to purchase excess data when they go over a data limit when there is data available in the whole population of your sites/devices.. We are able to give you full visibility of data usage for all your SIMs so you can optimise the data usage and cost.

Fixed IP SIMs and CCTV

We can a provide Fixed Public IP direct to your 4G router or to the router attached to a satellite terminal. This gives you direct access with no complications due to NAT. Prices are competitive and on 4G we provide this on a multi-network eSIM so even if your 4G device moves and uses a different network (the best in location) you will have the same fixed IP address.

The 4G Fixed IP service is especially important for CCTV. By having a Fixed IP Address direct to the individual CCTV controller (or individual CCTV camera, as required) you will be able to always connect directly from wherever you are. Double NAT over the mobile networks is known to cause problems and our Fixed IP eSIM solves this. You can also use a Private APN with secure connection and, if preferred, use your own internal network private IP adddress block to give to each SIM so they sit inside your own secure local network. Combine this with our aggregated or pooled data you can save more by setting a total data usage limit for all your CCTV sites/cameras and not have to pay excess data charges if just one or two sites go over the individual site data limit.

We can provide you with full visibility of data usage for each SIM so that you can monitor what is happening and manage costs effectively. Contact us to discuss your requirements in full.

Agricultural Businesses

Many rural areas are not able to get decent broadband and the need for connectivity is essential to operate. While cable based Internet access is poor to unavailable to many agrigultural businesses, we can often connect you to the Internet via mobile broadband even if your business is not in a coverage area. We can use outdoor high gain antennas on location or provide a wireless link to where better signals can be reached. While you may not be able to get speeds that are possible in urban areas or those close to a mast, we look to provide enough data speed so that you can operate your business effectively.

Ultimately, though, we can provide a satellite link to the Internet that will solve the connectivity issue for you.

Speak to us if you need the broadband service distributed over a large area. We can provide solutions for this too.