Whether you need service for 1 month or a few years, ReliaLink can provide a service for your team working on a site. With mobile and satellite (where there is no mobile signal) we can install a system that provides you with Internet access for the entire time for the project without commiting to long term contract periods.

We can assist integrating the link into your network and advise on what is required to extend the service across the site and implement this. We can provide fixed IP addresses or Private VPNs as well as pooled or aggregated data across many sites.

We support all UK operators and eSIMs for connecting to the best service at the site for high reliability and multi-site data sharing.

Our industry-leading support means you only need to call one number to get assistance when required. We will guide non-technical staff to locate and, if possible, fix an issue wherever it is in the network. If we need to visit a site for installation or maintenance, we will meet all H&S requirements for the site and supply a RAMS where required. We will perform a site survey if a RAMS is required or there is a level of complexity that requires installation planning or equipment/service selection.

We have experience with housing projects, wind farm and solar farm projects, roadwork projects, large construction projects in both urban and rural areas and many more. We can support any temporary site where Internet access is required, not just construction. We can support multi-site requirements too with a variety of data sharing schemes to keep costs low and predictable.