Multi-Site Broadband - ReliaLink

Connecting multiple offices and mobile workers poses problems with so many different access networks and inefficient use of data. Your specific requirements often prove difficult to get the best value deals for your whole network with compromises that feel forced.

ReliaLink does not have one product or method for connecting your multi-site/mobile staff requirements. We look to provide the best value solution that fits your Company efficiently and reliably. Below we provide some examples of what we can do, however, this is not exhaustive and you will have your own specific requirements. Contact us to let us know exactly what you require and we will look to meet this and provide the value you need..

Connecting Regional Offices to HQ

Do you need to connect several regional offices to a central HQ? With the variability of the Internet in different places (and rural often poorly served) can result in using different Internet providers resulting in uneven quality of service. ReliaLink can provide service to all the offices using the best mobile provider in the area for each office (including international offices) while integrating this into a single network. We can keep costs low by sharing the data used via pooled or aggregated data so that variable data use is managed.

We can provide Private APNs to create a private network for integrated connectivity across the Company. With more people working at home it is also possible to connect those people even if they are living in poorly served areas. Using a high gain antenna we can link them into the mobile network even if at the edge or just outside the edge of coverage.

Connecting Mobile Staff

Your sales team and mobile operation staff may need to have Internet in their fleet vehicles or PDA devices to quickly report back to Central office. However, with variable signal availability from one mobile operator, often poor or no connectivity is available in some locations. Using eSIMs we can ensure that as long as one of the four operators have service in the area, your mobile staff will always have connectivity. Typically the best service in the area is used improving relaibility and speed.

By using pooled or aggregated data services, variability of data use from month to month by different staff is optimised to meet the total data usage required rather than individual use. Using a Private APN will allow every user to be linked into your network using a single VPN thus avoiding multiple VPNs and Fixed Public IP Addresses improving security with much less management.

Internet of Things

More devices today are able to connect to the Internet and controlled remotely or to report data back automatically. If you need this type of connectivity often you will find the main issue is the lack of connectivity or unreliability in some places. While rural sites are commonly affected, there are also urban sites that are not reliabily connected. ReliaLink can probvide eSIMs that will work with the best mobile operator in the area and if masts go down, change to an alternativve operator's mast to keep the device connected. The increased reliability and applicability provides high value to your network.

If you need to keep all the devices securely connected in a single network then our Private APNs will provide this for you.


A Private APN enables you to set up your own private network over the mobile LTE network and using Multi-network eSIMs your network will extend over all the UK mobile networks and many in Europe too. The network can be extended into up to 190 countries in the world, though price does increase as the number of countries increases (countries are in Zones and prices are set to support access in these Zones).

With a Private APN you are able to connect all your devices into your own Company network securely without needing Fixed Public IPs or many VPNs reducing the management of the links and ensuring each device is directly connected to your in-house servers. You only need one VPN connected to the Mobile Manager from where the connectivity to all the devices and sites on the Private APN are controlled and routed.

With eSIMs you can use a Private APN for your mobile workforce who may have PDAs (e.g. to record deliveries), in vehicles needing to report back location and maybe telemetry information or other data from devices that are located in unmanned or other people's sites. You do not need to worry about which mobile operator is available as long as just one is there and this will work across borders and in many countries seamlessly.