Renewable Energy - ReliaLink

We have extensive experience delivering Internet access to Renewable Energy sites in remote areas. As the data requirements for sites is generally very low we can provide low GByte service to each site at very low cost.

Our 4G platforms can provide pooled or aggregated data shared across many sites. These are on multi-network eSIMs so that each site uses the best signal, from any mobile operator. Thus you avoid the risk of excess data usage reducing your total costs.

We can provide Fixed Public IPs on both our satellite and 4G platforms. On our 4G we can provide a Private APN for direct management of all the sites.

We understand you may have different number of towers or solar panel units such that the data requirement is different for each site. We can look what you need as a minimum at each site, then consider the potential of excess data and configure your data requirement both at a site level and a total population level. As we can pool across all the networks, the likelihood of including all your sites in the pool scheme is high, thus saving you costs.

Using high gain outdoor antennas, most sites can be served by 4G even if the site appears outside the coverage area., If there is no 4G coverage by any operator, then we have proven satellite services that can provide the Internet link required, however, this would be outside the 4G pooling scheme.

We can support both land and sea renewable power sites.