Rural Broadband - ReliaLink


Rural Britain rightly feels left out by the big broadband providers. What they do not tell you is that rural broadband is available today with decent speeds. Often you find that you get poor or no signal on your mobile phone, however, we are often able to use an outdoor antenna to get a good enough signal and service for you. It will not be at the top speeds available, but as long as it is good enough and reliable enough it would greatly improve your connectivity.

Internet service provider ReliaLink can supply all 4 mobile operators using unlocked equipment so we will use the 4G broadband service best for your location and it is easy to change if a new mast is built closer to you in the future. We can supply low costs for low data usage, but our unlimited services start at £35 where this is available.

So even an outdoor 4G antenna does not work? Then do not worry as we can provide you with a good satellite broadband service that will ensure you are connected. If we can see one of the satellites we use (either south east or south west) then you can get connected even in the most remote areas. Currently satellite services we provide are either downloading data at up to 30Mbps or up to 15Mbps.

On satellite there are some new services using Low Earth Orbit which will have very high speeds up to 100Mbps) and low latency (time to get a response over the Internet) which we hope to be available in late 2021. As soon as these are available, we will be offering them to the whole UK.

With ReliaLink you will get reliable broadband with our industry-leading customer support - an essential ingredient for true high-quality broadband services.

If not in a rural area we can still supply our4G LTE Home Internet to you.