We at ReliaLink understand the frustration when your Internet access suddenly stops or goes slow. We are committed to providing you with the top-level support and get you up and working as quick as possible.

The broadabnd link we provide is a small but important part of a complex Internet. We will assist you to find where an issue exists to be fixed. Most support contacts we receive are due to something other than the broadband link, hence, unlike most other providers, we will not abandon you if the link is working and the issue is caused by something else.

Call 01582 806892 Option 2 or
email us on support@relialink.co.uk

Note we operate a system that will transfer you to a voice message if we cannot answer within 30 seconds. Do leave a message as this way we will call you back as soon as possible. If no mesage is left it is unlikely that we will call back. Outside office hours you will need to leave a message, but we will still monitor messages and call back outside our office hours.

Our Office hours are Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. excluding English Bank Holidays

When you contact us do let us know:

  • Exactly what you are experiencing
  • Whether this is all the time or intermittent (times of occurrence is helpful)
  • What the lights on your Internet access device are doing

Many issues are solved by rebooting your Internet access device. This is easiest done by removing power for 20 seconds and then reconnecting power and see if after rebooting the service is restored.

For satellite, do check if it is raining heavily and wait to see if the service restores after the rain eases.

Check the following to see if there is a local network issue:

  • Check if you are connected via wireless (if used). You should see this on your device and confirm that the correct wireless signal is connecting.
  • Check that everything that you go through is switched on and a connection exists between each device. For example a separate wireless router or range extender
  • Reboot intermediary devices in case they are causing the issue (remove power for 20 seconds and reconnect power and wait for reboot to complete)

The issue may be the remote server you are trying to reach. Check whether you can reach another server (e.g. browsing to another site, downloading email, etc.).

When you call us, we would be pleased to assist you in these checks as required. We will guide you throughout all tests that may be required – you do not need to be technical at all.

In a small number of cases we may need to send an engineer to your house and may need to change faulty equipment. Within the Warranty period (12 months from install) this is at no charge, but after that we will quote you for the visit and any replaced equipment.


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