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CCTV, Fixed IP Addressing and Private APN

Unlike the standard mobile network Company SIMs, ReliaLink can provide SIMs with a Fixed IP address directly to the device with the SIM installed. There is no NAT to a private IP address (and on some networks this is double NAT) so you can remotely access the device directly over the Internet without any problems nor use of an intermediary server. This is particularly useful for CCTV applications enabling you to access a CCTV camera or multiple CCTV cameras via a DVR controller with a SIM card inserted.

Our SIMs are multi-network so they will link to the best service available in the area, hence your CCTVs will get the best of all worlds – Fixed public IP address direct to the device and best available signal. Where necessary we can install external antennas for increased reliability where signals are low or just outside coverage areas.

Where you have multi-locations and a wide network of CCTV camera, we can provide a Private APN for secure access and integration of the CCTV network into your own network with just a single VPN. You can integrate this to your own private IPs so giving the CCTV devices private IPs from your own network enhancing security. You would access the CCTV cameras via your own network and fully protect access within your own secure firewall.

We can also provide aggregate data usage or pooled data to share data usage across your whole network of cameras so that you avoid high cost excess data charges if one camera has high data usage in a month due to extra activity on that camera. We therefore provide the advantages of direct, secure access with lower costs overall.

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ReliaLink is the UK trading name of Prime Satcom Consulting Limited a UK Company that has been selling broadband solutions vis satellite and LTE since 2003.


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