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March 4, 2021

New Brand ReliaLink Launched

Welcome to ReliaLink!

ReliaLink has been launched by Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd as a new Brand delivering broadband to the UK. Our aims will be to deliver:

  • Broadband anywhere in the UK using fibre, LTE (4G/5G) and satellite
  • Provide industry-leading customer support to our customers
    • From engineers, not script-reading call centres
  • Independence from any one operator
  • Short term monthly contracts wherever possible
  • Secure broadband links for multi-sites for businesses
    • Multi-network SIMs
    • Private APNs
    • Fixed Public IP Addresses

Previously we delivered service via our Prime Satellite Broadband Brand. This Brand will still sell, but to the international market. All UK customers have been transferred to the ReliaLink business.

ReliaLink is the Brand for the 2020s and beyond as we see 5G and Low Earth Orbit satellite develop and grow. We are the ready-to-go people for a broadband for everyone in Britain.


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