New Brand ReliaLink Launched
July 26, 2020
CCTV, Fixed IP Addressing and Private APN
April 6, 2021

New Three Unlimited Tariff

ReliaLink has just agreed a deal with Three to provide a 4G/5G LTE Broadband service to our customers currently selling for £35 per month on a rolling month contract. This is by far the lowest cost unlimited service we provide which includes ReliaLink’s excellent Industry-leading customer support that goes beyond the broadband link.

With no long term contract and the backing of Three who are set to lead the way in 5G services in the UK, you can rest assured that you will always be able to have the best service available, including hard to reach rural locations with the pick of the mobile broadband service that is best for your house or business. With the addition of the Three service we now provide unlimited services on all four mobile networks making it more likely that we can provide a service to you even when you seem to have no mobile signal on your phone.

Tareq Khamis, Managing Director of ReliaLink says “Our aim is to be a reliable and high-quiality broadband service provider for homes and businesses wherever they are in the UK. If it is possible to provide a system with external antennas to see a mobile mast then we will do so such that rural locations can have decent broadband services. With the addition of Three we now provide services on all the networks increasing our capability to find a mast that we can use at your property. We will continue to provide the best customer support possible as the most important aspect of services.”

Prices may change in the future and mobile operators can increase the price once a year for customers based on inflation index.

ReliaLink is the UK tradings name of Prime Satcom Consulting Limited a UK Company that has been selling broadband solutions vis satellite and LTE since 2003.


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