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January 14, 2022

Private APNs and Multi-Netwok SIMs for Remote and Mobile Staff

  • Are you managing many VPN connections with your staff at various locations?
  • Are you finding that mobile staff keep losing their Internet connections so delay reporting back?

These are common issues for Companies that have either many staff who are mobile and you need them to report back to your data centre in a timely manner or when you may have several remote offices or staff working from home requiring a secure ink back to the office.

Managing multiple VPNs can be costly as can delayed report backs from staff and ReliaLink has the ideal solution for both.

We can provide secure Private APNs over the mobile network using Multi-network SIMs so that your staff will work as if inside your data centre without needing a VPN with the same security and they would always be connected to the best signal in the area so do not need to depend on the coverage of a single network operator.

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ReliaLink is the UK trading name of Prime Satcom Consulting Limited a UK Company that has been selling broadband solutions via satellite and LTE since 2003.


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