Many people living in urban areas do not get great broadband. The promise of fibre seems always out of reach. WIth no prospect of a cabinet coming close to you it is often hard to see what can be done to improve things..

Our 4G platforms provide excellent broadband in urban areas. With 4G speeds increasing in many areas and the number of masts available expanding, you may be surprised at what is possible. Many urban areas already have 5G available with fibre-like speeds - you may be able too have better performance via mobile broadband than on a fibre link..

4G or 5G?

If 5G is available where you live, then this would seem to be the best option. However, 4G may give you faster speeds or better reliability. You may need an outdoor antenna for 5G and not 4G so initial outlay may be less and yet still provide plenty of speed for you. Unless you require very fast speeds, reliability may be more important. Until the core Internet networks are expanded you may find 5G speeds are not as high as expected due to contention (bandwidth sharing) or network throttling. We would always consider what is available and take all these points to make a recommendation. We will make sure we understand your priorities and constraints to ensure we provide you with the best serviice that you require.

Business Offices

We can supply your business office with a 4G or 5G mobile broadband link. We can supply fixed IP services, private APNs and multiple site options with pooled/aggragate data. We can integrate into your servers and supply service to fleet vehicles and SIM cards for tablets and PDAs that your mobile staff may need. So from a single office to complex multi-location and mobile workers, speak to us with your requirements and we will provide high quality broadband service at competitive costs. We can supply eSIMs that work with all the networks, so you use the best signal available everytime.

Our support is industry leading and we do not stop at the link. We will assist you in determining local network issues and remote site or Application issues.