ReliaLink can provide services on the move for vehicles including:

  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Taxis
  • Buses (Including Mobile Library)
  • Caravans
  • Boats
  • Tractors
  • Trains

This includes service that either operates on a single network SIM, or multi-network SIMs that can go on any operator’s network (including outside the UK). We can also provide satellite on vehicles where this is required.

Vehicle Communications

ReliaLink provides a wireless router that operates on the vehicle 12V or 24V battery and external 4G antenna and a choice of single SIM, dual SIM or multi-network SIM (including in Europe and further afield). ReliaLink provides high reliability, excellent support and broadband service in nearly all locations.

If you need to provide high speed services or to support many users on a vehicle often in rural, poorly serviced areas, then we can provide Starlink business low Earth orbit (LEO) services on a mobile terminal. We can also provide LEO service on maritime vehicles where speed or number of users is important.

Whether for a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, you would have just one number to call for support. The wireless signal can be inside buses and mobile libraries as well as outside the vehicle, if required. We can integrate this with your CCTV or any other application. We can provide:

  • Pooled or Aggregated data for multi-vehicles eliminating/minimising excess data charges.
  • Fixed Public IP Address direct to your 4G device or Satellite router.
  • Private APNs for securely integrating vehicles into your Company network via a single VPN, VLAN or Ethernet line link.
  • Mobile and maritime LEO services using Starlink.

Caravan Internet Access

Caravan holidays are wonderful, however, access to the Internet is never guaranteed. In many places there is a mobile signal, but it is on the wrong network or is too weak for your phone to download data. ReliaLink supplies a multi-network SIM so that you connect to the best network available in the area throughout the UK and most of Europe. Options exist for countries all over the world.

Improve 4G access in areas of poor mobile coverage by installing an antenna on the roof of the caravan. We have outdoor antennas that can also support wireless so that you have access outside the caravan.

The routers work off your car battery so you can use the Internet even if the caravan site does not have a power source nearby or you are on the road.

We can provide this service for mobile shops, mobile displays and other caravan systems used for professional and commercial activities.


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